Building strong, empowered and confident students since 2009

Vibrant and alternative exercise.


Why Pole?


In 2017 pole became a recognised sport by the International Sports Body which is fantastic for our community. 

It begun in gyms approximately 15 years ago and in 2010 Instructors could sit exams to hold Accredited pole Qualifications.

Today, the pole community has their own Committees and Federations. It has come a long way, and without doubt it deserves this recognition and appreciation.

Pole is one of the most versatile, adaptable, fun, and exhausting forms of exercise out there! Students can burn 600+ calories per hour in class!  

Whether it be fat loss, flexibility, dance, strength, power, or endurance, pole caters for everyones goals and abilities. Female or male, curvy or slim, young or mature everyone must try! 

It’s a great alternative to the gym- so fun, social and addictive!  

Sofie founder Pole Rush Fitness in 2009. She is dedicated and deeply passionate. Her objective is to offer fun, vibrant and enthusiastic classes that DON’T break the bank! Fully Insured and Advanced Qualified, Sofie holds 12 years’ experience in the pole Industry. 

You can rest assured, you're in very safe and encouraging hands.

What Our Students Say

Elie "My confidence has sky rocketed thanks to starting pole"

I'd wanted to do pole fitness for years. Yet I had never made it past contacting the instructors. Sofie made me feel really comfortable, welcome and excited! 

On my first lesson I was so nervous. There was nothing to be nervous about; everybody in the classes are so welcoming and encouraging, I feel absolutely no shame with my body, which had definitely held me back before! Classes are so much fun, I always look forward to going and even if I'm having the worst day pole always cheers me up! 

Tammy "Every week is a new journey"

I had been poling for quite a few years when I joined Pole Rush Fitness. I had moved a long way from bournemouth and was really struggling to find a local class that felt "right". Well; as soon as I walked in the door I felt at home and I knew I had found my new pole family!  

Sofie is a supportive and talented instructor who will push you to where you need to be which is exactly what I wanted!

Vicky "We are all strong ladies together"

I started pole fitness a couple of years ago at the age of 46. I'm a little overweight, but while I'm still able I'll have a go.

Sofie is very supportive and makes you feel at ease with the moves. We all have a giggle, so it's a nice atmosphere. All the girls in the classes are friendly and much younger than myself but I have never felt that's a problem!